Yamatune Socks - Track & Field 5-Toe Lightweight


$140 HKD

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Japanese designed since 1982, Yamatune Spider Arch Support socks provide excellent arch support plus moisture-wicking CoolMax and a seamless low friction construction, perfect for runners in tropical climates.

  • Five toe socks - Easy to put force to toes for an efficient kicking motion
  • Ankle Support - With tapping effect prevents possible sport injuries and provide fit for ankle
  • CoolMax - amazing moisture management to keep feet cool, dry and comfortable
  • Aeration mesh structure - provides air permeability to reduce excess moisture
  • Spider Shape Supporter - Knit structure support so your arch doesn't get tired easily
  • Toe & Heel Pile - With cushion pile toe and heel protection
  • Instantaneous Force - With silicon bar reduces the unnecessary movement in the shoes

有冇試過跑步嘅時候,尤其是跑落山,隻腳會頂到鞋頭整到腳趾黑晒呢?又有冇試過跑跑吓隻腳橋位好攰呢?日本設計嘅 #Yamatune #蜘蛛襪 
✅ 喺腳橋位加左特有設計支持腳橋位肌肉,可以舒緩壓力同水腫問題。
✅ 襪底加左 #防滑膠笠,衝落山唔會向前滑,跑緊仲有啲腳板底按摩嘅感覺
✅ 蜘蛛襪有30%Coolmax 吸濕排汗功能, 仲加咗Lyrca料 同無縫設計