Tailwind Gel Mixing

👩🏽‍🎓Tailwind Tips - Mixing Tailwind Gel👩🏽‍🎓

We have a lot feedback said Tailwind is great for endurance exercise as it's 100% natural and preservative free help on stomach and no gut bombs issue. However, mixing it every hour is time consuming. We don't have gel product, however, you can actually made your "home-made" Tailwind gel . Mixing up to 6 servings (3 stick packs) with water inside a 500ml water bottle and go! This could deliver 600 calories and enough for 2-3 hours workout. If you prepare 2-3 soft bottle fulled with Tailwind, it shall be enough for your 6-9 hours long training already. 🙂

📣📣Tailwind 小知識=》自製Tailwind Gel】
好多跑友話Tailwind 既純天然係長課或比賽時用,效果比用開既產品有好明顯分別。但要每Checkponit 沖粉好煩。Tailwind 堅持唔出gel就係唔想係產品加防腐劑或任何化學物質損腸胃。不過大家可以自製Tailwind gel𠺢咊!將Tailwind 6份(3stick pack)加入500ml 水樽加清水致滿。咁就可以做到 Tailwind gel 啦。6份Tailwind 有600卡都夠2個半至3個鐘能量lu!


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No Gut Bombs

Not all stomachs can handle the sticky sweetness or hard-to-digest molecules found in most nutrition products.

Sipping Tailwind provides steady, small doses of fuel that pass right through the stomach.

The composition of Tailwind’s fuel is simple, which is 100% natural, no preservative and no chemical inside matches what the gut is made to absorb easily, so Tailwind enters your system quickly, without taxing the digestive tract.

【操山食嘢食到嘔 ❗️💨放到無時停,正常嗎
唔係每一個人啲腸胃都可以handle到運動食物 入面複雜嘅成份,例如人造甜精, 防腐劑或化學成份又或者好難消化嘅蛋白分子等等。複雜嘅成份有機會引致胃氣腸氣入唔到口反胃嘅問題。

Simple is the best❗️ Tailwind 用單糖生產為主💯%純天然,就連啲味道都係#organic,照顧敏感嘅腸胃, 運動員可以放心表現最好。



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