WAA Men's Ultra Short 3IN1 (2018)


$549 HKD $659.00 HKD

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Shorts alone, inner shorts alone or shorts + inner shorts ... Why have to choose? The Ultra Short 3in1 brings together in one garment these three possibilities. 3 in 1 but terribly light: 65g for the outer shorts, 110g for the inner shorts.

The bestseller of 2016 and 2017 returns this 2018 with a new look and in 2 new colors:black and blue!

The inner shorts have been completely redesigned and now have the innovationStadytape®: strips that provide targeted muscle support of the quadriceps. When you rest on your thighs uphill, the texture of the strips ensures a perfect grip so that you can focus on having fun and your performance.

The belt is even more comfortable and the inner shorts always have two side pockets to carry your equipment and other accessories without any discomfort (phones, keys, energy bars...)

The outer shorts, light and comfortable to wear have been further improved: a new belt for added comfort and antistatic treatment so that it never sticks to the inner shorts. It retained its impeccable Cleancut finish and a zipped back pocket.