Oxsitis Water Bladder 2L + Tube


$290 HKD

The Oxsitis® water bag ensures you a healthy and practical hydration. Naturally antimicrobial, it is PVC-free, bisphenol A-free and phthalate-free.

Thanks to its large opening system, it is completely reversible and easy to clean Reservoir for maximum cleanliness. Remove bad plastic taste, bacteria and hygiene-related stomach problems. Thanks to its Plug and Play™ system and its waterproof quick open-closing system, you no longer waste time and make it easier to fill your water bag. Its TPU material guarantees maximum strength. It is equipped with the new generation of the Blaster™ valve pipette, anti-leak, high flow rate, to drink easily during exercise. This valve is composed of a tap to cut off the water supply. This water pocket is ideal for your trails, mountain bike outings or mountain hikes.


  • Waterproofing
  • Resistant
  • Universal

Technical Information

  • Volume: 2L
  • Weight: 290g
  • Material: Polyurethane in compliance with European standards BPA-free, PVC-free, Phthalate-free

Tip & Advice

Oxsitis recommend that you only put water in your water pocket in order to optimize its hygiene and facilitate its maintenance, and to evacuate the air before use. Avoid any abrasive products for cleaning.

To maintain your water bag after each use, disconnect the tube, open the water bag through its large opening, turn the bag over completely. Wash and dry it. The silicone tip is completely removable and very easy to clean.

Water bag care advice: Go to boiling water or dishwasher after each use. Water pockets are consumables whose wear will depend on your use. We recommend that you renew them every year, depending on how often and how often you use them. The silicone tip must be changed regularly.