Oxsitis Men's Hydragon Pulse 7 (2018 Version)


$649 HKD $1,290.00 HKD

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The HYDRAGON ® Pulse 7L is a hydration pack of 7 liters of storage volume. Ultra lightweight bag, only 175 grams that will allow you to comfortably carry all the mandatory equipment for a trail.  Its lightness and innovative structure will allow you to calmly tackle all your adventures. Equipped with a lateral adjustment system optimizing its stability and comfort (new comfortable and minimalist Velcro adjustment system with its technology preserving the integrity of your technical textiles). It is equipped with a pocket for water (1L or 2L) and / or two pockets that can accommodate soft flasks on the front of the bag.

*This bag DO NOT deliver with soft flasks


  • New adjustment system for better fit and support
  • Ultra-light built-in whistle
  • Velcro fastening lined water pouch (better pocket retention)

Choose your hydration bag size:

Choose size is important, check your measurements S (<1m70 / <65kg); M (1m70 to 1m85 / from 65kg to 80kg); L (> to 1m85 /> to 80kg); W (model specifically adapted to female morphology)

Clever storage :
  • Waterproof smartphone pocket with passage for headphones
  • 2 front pockets capable of holding two soft flasks (500mL)
  • Numerous and ergonomic interior pockets (home: wallet, keys, battery headlamp, inner tube, bicycle pump, textile, windproof ..)

Unique settings in the world:

  • Lateral adjustments with Velcros (scratches) adjustment
  • Easy to connect pectoral adjustment (plastic clip)
  • Ventral regulation which allows unique stability (plastic clip)

The bag will not be under warranty if it is passed to the washing machine. Oxsitis advise you to wash it by hand.


  • Light like a feather 
  • Guaranteed 2 years
  • Storage capacity 7L and easy access to pockets
  • Hydration pack HYDRAGON® Pulse 7 is comfortable with optimal load distribution
  • Available in four sizes (S, M, L and W)
  • The bag is of high quality

Technical Data

  • New : New lycra pockets and reflective markings 
  • Materials: RIPSTOP ultralight and resistant, 3D Mesh fast drying
  • Volume: 7 liters of storage
  • Hydration system provided: Two soft flasks on the front of the bag (provided)
  • Potential Capacity: 1 or 2 liter water bag (not included)
  • Weight: 175 (without accessories)
  • Sizes: S (<1m70 / <to 65kg); M (1m70 to 1m85 / from 65kg to 80kg); L (> to 1m85 /> to 80kg)
  • References: S (4363S), M (4363M), L (4363L) 
  • Manufacturing : Development and assembly in France - Bag made in Asia.

What is Ripstop material and why is it used in our bags?

The bag is made of a special and specific material called Ripstop. It is a fabric made of nylon, which is manufactured thanks to a special reinforcement technique that makes it extremely resistant to tearing. During weaving, the reinforcing yarns (thickness) are interlaced at regular intervals in a hatch pattern. The thin and light Ripstop fabric has a three-dimensional structure thanks to the larger threads being intertwined in a thinner fabric. 

Advantages of Ripstop:

Its weight-resistance ratio and its incredible impermeability. The materials used to make this fabric are tearproof (cotton, silk, polyester and polypropylene, with a nylon content limited to hatched threads which makes it extremely resistant to tearing).

Examples of material in which one finds the material Riptstop:

In the sails of boats and spinnakers, hot air balloons, kites, parachutes, certain types of hovercraft, camping gear (light tents and sleeping bags), flags and other applications requiring a lightweight and durable fabric. Ripstop reinforcement is incorporated in heavy fabrics requiring extreme durability, such as that used in Nomex protective clothing for firefighters and sportswear.

How to use it?

Interview :

  • Hand wash to keep the water-repellent properties of the backpack Do not put it in the machine.
  • Fast drying in the open air
  • Rinse your Water Pocket after each use and wipe a cloth or sopalin® inside to dry it
  • Clean your blender with boiling water after each use to optimize the hygiene of your hydration system or simply put it in the dishwasher. 
  • Once a month, we recommend removing the blender valves for cleaning if you use your bag more than once a week. (unclip the valve with a knife or wrench, clean it, then put the valve back in the mixer by clipping it with the plastic "ring")

 Use :

  • Install your entire hydration system on your backpack.
  • Fill your water bag then fix it on the top of your bag thanks to velcro (scratch)
  • We advise you to evacuate the air to remove the pockets of the pocket: to do this, turn your water pocket and suck the air
  • Position the mixer tap horizontally
  • Drink asapirant water

Setting up the dose of drink:

  • Retrieve your blender, unscrew the cap of your drink and clip your drink from the top into the blender slot provided for this purpose.
  • Reposition the blender in its pocket as normal.
  • Orient the tap vertically and drink while vacuuming to get your isotonic drink perfectly dosed.